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LaMorinda Market Snapshot

  Trying to not go into the weeds with data too much :-) This is the market update for March (which has all the sold data through the end of February).  If you would like more details or information, drop us a line! TheDCGroup@Compass....

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What IS a TIC?

You may or may not have heard of TICs. Not it is not a nervous reaction or an annoying bug, but it is the acronym for Tenancy In Common. What the heck is that? You may or may not have heard of TICs. They tend to be more common in the San Fra...

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Market Snapshot for 94619 in Oakland, CA

Here is a look at the market snapshot for the 94619 area code at the close of 2022. Want a more detailed look at the value of your home? Email or text for a more detailed look a specific property in the 94619. TheDCGroup@Compass.com 510.213....

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East Bay Median Home Prices: Interactive Map!

Want to know the median home prices in your area? Check out this interactive map to take a look at your area. Need a more detailed look into values? We can help you look at more specifics based on your specific location. Email us at TheDCGro...

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Goodbye 2022 and Hello 2023

The New Year is about to begin and hard to believe it is 2023! Some years feel like a blink of an eye and others seem to drag on. 2022 had a bit of both. As we emerged from the depths of COVID lockdowns and craziness and starting coming back...

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Resources for Donation and ReUse

When it comes to clearing out, keeping stuff out of the landfill is important. Below are a few resources to tap into to donate/reuse those unwanted items. I am sure there are more resources! If you have one that is great and want to share pleas...

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Was reading over the East Bay Times and ran across this article highlighting 56 Bay Area Restaurants with 'Great food at great deal'. I am in! We are pretty lucky to live in an area with so many options for dining out- and at all price point...

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