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Market Snapshot for 94619 in Oakland, CA

Here is a look at the market snapshot for the 94619 area code at the close of 2022.

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(MoM = Month over Month)
(YoY = Year over Year)

  • 25 Homes for sale down 29% MoM and down 7.45 YoY
  • 19 Homes sold up %27% MoM and down 42% YoY
  • Month of Inventory 1.3 down 4.4% MoM and up 61% YoY
  • Median Price per square foot $660 down 0.4% MoM Down 15% YoY
  • Median Sold Price $975K down 11% MoM down 5.3% YoY

New Listings

Sold and Under Contract

Median Home Prices

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