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15% Pledge And a Personal Note

This is going to be personal. Right now talking about business and the market, while still important, doesn’t feel right to solely focus on right now. These have been unprecedented times. It is easy to feel scared, sad, frustrated, angry, or any combination of the above. The impact of COVID-19 seemed all too much to deal with and yet there is more. The death of George Floyd, and countless others to senseless violence has made us all think long and hard about what kind of world we want to live in. What kind of world to we want our children to live in. I am heartbroken and sad because many people that I hold dear to my heart that could fall victim to this insanity just because of the color of their skin. It is not ok.

I live in an amazing city that is diverse. My children (20 and 15) have attended (and still are) Oakland public schools. They learned along the side of kids from all types of backgrounds, races, sexual orientation and economic status. We live in a diverse neighborhood. It is what Oakland is and why I love it. As someone who is white, having a better understanding of how my life was shaped by my own history and the history of my family, and how that also influences where I am in my own life is so important to help change the narrative. Hopefully more people spend the time to explore their own narrative as well.

We as a team, are so fortunate to work for Compass. The company has challenged us to ensure that 15% of the vendors we work with are black owned businesses. We have made the pledge and this has been part of our business for some time.

Several of the vendors we consistently use and rely on and have for many years, are black owned businesses. All are amazing companies and individuals and supporting them is a no brainer.  A huge shout out to The Plumbing Ministry, Z&Z Plumbing, Earle’s Lo Cost Electric, Simmons Glass, Cora Sue Anthony Staging and CMJ Interior Design.

This has been a painful time and I hope that is a turning point to move forward and to make long lasting and positive changes that benefit all of us.

Lisa Cartolano